“The Hitman” Takes Aim


One of The Middle East’s most promising athletes, undefeated prospect Mahmoud ‘The Hitman’ Tahoun (3-0) is a multi-talented individual looking to take the MMA world by storm.

A credited voice actor, stuntman, and motion capture artist for TV and film shows in his homeland of Egypt, that Tahoun has become the head coach at two of Egypt’s top gyms, Fitbox Gym (Cairo) and Fitbox Corner (New Cairo), is an indicator of his sheer will to be the very best he can be. While Mahmoud harbours ambitions of further success within the media industry, stating his dream of becoming a choreographer of fight scenes in the movies, mixed martial arts remains his main ambition in the sports world.

2018 could be Mahmoud’s break out year, as he looks to cement his position as one of Egypt’s top bantamweight fighters – with the EFC Bantamweight title an immediate priority.